Dallin Oaks Hypocrisy In His Own Words Concerning Acceptance Of LGBTQ Persons

At a question and answer session on November 12, 2021 at the University of Virginia, Dallin Oaks stated that the church changes its teaching regarding the LGBTQ lifestyle based on the audience that is being addressed, as members of the Church of Latter-day Saints recieve the traditional doctrinal teaching while the general public hears an entirely different message.

Specifically, he said: “[the church] does not try to make rules for all society, but we do make rules and set limits for own membership”.

Full question and answer from Oaks is as follows: “This question is for Dallin Oaks. In June 2019 you said at a conference at BYU in Provo: “we’re confronted by a culture of evil and personal wickedness in the world. This includes the increasing power and phenomenon of lesbian, gay, and transgender lifestyles and values.” So, I have two questions for you. What have you done to be more progressive since that time, since 2019 to the LGBTQ community? And what have you done to address some of the things you have done in the past, including the things that you have said and overseeing the enforcement of electroshock and vomiting aversion therapy for LGB students at BYU?”

Oaks: “Let me say about electroshock treatments at BYU, when I became president at BYU that had been discontinued earlier and it never went on under my administration. Put that to one side. [That was a blatant lie.] Let me begin to answer your question from the lightning remarks. Bear in mind, that my audience there was an audience of Latter-day Saints. [Audience laughs in shock at that statement.] I have different responsibilities when I teach people who follow Latter-day Saint doctrine than I have when I speak as a representative of the Church on what positions the Church ought to take in society as a whole. And so, I think the correct answer to your question, the accurate answer to your question is, number one, I understand better the situation of the Church in relating to society now, than I did then. Partly by working on lectures that I’ll give tonight. I refer you to that lecture as part of the answer to your question. The other part is: asking you to understand what the Church has issued as its main doctrines. It does not try to make rules for all society, but we do make rules and set limits for own membership and they’re responsible to receive that message or not, but don’t judge a private sermon by public issues.”

La hipocresía de Dallin H Oaks en sus propias palabras sobre la aceptación del estilo de vida LGBTQ. En una sesión de preguntas y respuestas el 12 de noviembre de 2021 en la Universidad de Virginia, Dallin H. Oaks declaró que la iglesia cambia su enseñanza con respecto al estilo de vida LGBTQ en función de la audiencia a la que se dirige, ya que los miembros de la Iglesia de los Santos de los Últimos Días reciben la enseñanza doctrinal tradicional, mientras que el público en general escucha un mensaje completamente diferente. Específicamente, dijo: “[la iglesia] no intenta hacer reglas para toda la sociedad, pero sí hacemos reglas y establecemos límites para nuestros miembros.”

Dallin Oaks Hypocrisy In His Own Words Concerning Acceptance Of LGBTQ Persons

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