Elder Holland Is Asked If the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Is a Cult

This excerpt of a BBC interview with Jeffrey Holland in 2012 tells us much about how the LDS apostles handle challenging questions and shows us what they truly are. When they have orchestrated face-to-face events, the questions asked are screened beforehand. But in this interview, you see Elder Holland has to actually respond in an adhoc manner to someone who is asking a question that would never be heard in a staged event.

Elder Holland seems to not really understand the dynamics of how groups that are identified as cults work, as they have nothing to do with intelligence. (Cults work by leader and group manipulation and exerting undue influence.) He gets really sensitive as you can start to see the change in his demeanor. He does several coping mechanisms: he uses hand gestures, he laughs some, he gets defensive, he starts insinuating that the interviewer is insulting him, and he even becomes somewhat aggressive at the end.

Este extracto de una entrevista de la BBC con Jeffrey Holland en 2012 nos dice mucho sobre cómo los apóstoles SUD manejan las preguntas desafiantes y nos muestra lo que realmente son. Cuando han orquestado eventos presenciales, se filtran previamente las preguntas realizadas. Pero en esta entrevista, el élder Holland tiene que responder de manera ad hoc a alguien que hace una pregunta que nunca se escucharía en un evento organizado.

El élder Holland parece no entender realmente la dinámica de cómo funcionan los grupos identificados como sectas, ya que no tienen nada que ver con la inteligencia. (Los cultos funcionan mediante la manipulación del líder y del grupo y ejerciendo una influencia indebida). Se vuelve muy sensible cuando puedes comenzar a ver el cambio en su comportamiento. Utiliza varios mecanismos de afrontamiento: usa gestos con las manos, se ríe un poco, se pone a la defensiva, comienza a insinuar que el entrevistador lo está insultando e incluso se vuelve algo agresivo al final.

Elder Holland Is Asked If the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Is a Cult

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